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Review of two electric tea kettles

An electric tea kettle heats water to the boiling point in less than ten minutes. Such tea kettles are a great convenience in the kitchen because they can be placed on a counter top and do not take up a burner on the stove. Electric kettles shut off automatically when the water comes to a boil, so you do not have to worry about fires or about the teapot going dry on top of the stove. The boiling water can be used for tea or as a quick way to get a pot of soup going.

I have tested both the Cuisinart KUA-17 which I do not recommend, and the Chef's Choice 679 which is a much better choice. Both of these teapots are "cordless", which means that they easily separate from the base that is connected to a wall socket. Both of the tea kettles sell for comparable prices between $60 and $70 dollars.

Cuisinart KUA-17 electric kettle
Cuisinart KUA-17

Cuisinart KUA-17 1-3/4-Quart Electric Kettle
Aesthetically, the Cuisinart kettle is very attractive with its elegant curved handle and hemispherical design. Unfortunately, while the design is pleasing to the eye, it is ergonomically clumsy and its internal construction affects the quality of the water.

I donated this Cuisinart teapot to a church bazaar because of the following disadvantages:

I do not recommend getting this tea kettle.

Chefs Choice 679 electric glass kettle
Chef's Choice 679

Chef's Choice 679 Cordless 1-3/4-Quart Electric Glass Kettle
The Chef's Choice tea kettle is well designed and practical. The fact that the pot is made of glass lets you see whether you need to add water to the pot before turning it on. Marks on the black plastic measure the quantity of water in the pot. The glass construction also makes it easy to see when the water is boiling.

These are some of the advantages of the Chef's Choice tea kettle:

The function of a tea kettle is to boil water. A good tea kettle does this while maintaining the purity of the water.

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