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Osterizer 10-speed blender Review

Blenders are useful kitchen appliances for making foods that require mixing, chopping and grinding until they have a smooth texture. Some of these foods are milkshakes, smoothies, gravies, sauces and puddings. A blender is indispensable to make soups like Spanish gazpacho or French vichyssoise. The Osterizer 10-speed blender is an economical light-weight blender that performs many of these functions.

Osterizer 10-speed blender
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The Osterizer 10-speed blender has an OFF button and two main speed-control buttons (LOW and HIGH). Five other buttons adjust the speed. On LOW speed the five buttons are labeled Easy Clean, Puree, Chop, Whip and Mix. On HIGH speed the five buttons correspond to Grate, Blend, Grind, Liquefy and ice Crush. The 5th button for Mixing and Crushing does not lock and works only in pulse mode.

Osterizer 10-speed blender buttons
Blender buttons

The blender jar is made of light plastic and the lid does not fit very snugly. For most blending operations it is necessary to hold down the lid as well as the base of the blender because the lid loosens and the whole blender tends to spin.

WARNING: The Osterizer 10-speed blender is unstable at the high speed settings. The vibrations loosen the lid and the light weight of the appliance causes the blender to start spinning and sliding along the counter. If left unsupervised, the blender can easily fall off a kitchen counter. The side with the buttons spins away from the operator and makes it difficult to turn off the appliance. The following video shows the difficulty in controlling the blender after it starts spinning.

Video showing the blender spinning on the counter. (40 sec.)

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