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Magic Bullet Blender - Product Review

The Magic Bullet blender is a personal-size blender that is fast and easy to use. However, the compact design causes the motor to overheat, and spills can cause problems. The deluxe set has 26 pieces that include 3 types of blades, 2 cups (tall and short), a pitcher with lid, 5 mugs, several lids, and lip rings.

Magic Bullet blender
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One of the advantages of the Magic Bullet is that you can drink a smoothie right from the cup where you blend it. After unscrewing the blades, a lip ring is screwed on the cup to provide a smooth surface that is easier to drink from.

The instruction book that comes with the Magic Bullet has two pages of warnings and things that you are not supposed to do with the blender. Some of the warnings are common sense, such as not putting carbonated beverages in the blender because of the risk of explosion due to gas pressure build up. Another warning says not to operate the blender for more than one minute at a time because the blender may overheat and the motor may be ruined. This is a design flaw of the blender because the motor is enclosed without sufficient vents for cooling. However, a shut-off mechanism prevents the blender from working when the motor is hot, and you have to wait until it cools to use it again.

Another problem with the Magic Bullet is that it does not have a way of channeling spills away from the motor. As the picture on the right shows, any spills go directly into the motor assembly and they are difficult to clean. The instructions say to screw the blades tightly, but sometimes they loosen due to the vibration of the blender. Occasional spills are almost impossible to avoid.

Magic Bullet blender     Magic Bullet blender motor

Overall the Magic Bullet is convenient to use for making a quick smoothie, and you only need to wash one glass and the blades.

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