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Black & Decker Crush Master blender review

The Black & Decker Crush Master blender has a sturdy construction and a powerful motor. The mixing jar is made of thick glass that can withstand hot liquids.

Black & Decker Crush Master blender
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The powerful motor of the blender makes a lot of noise. It is not easy to talk to another person in the kitchen when the appliance is turned on. While making a mango smoothie I noticed that some pieces of mango still remained in large chunks after running the blender for about 30 seconds. It was necessary to pour the mixture back into the blender and run it again to complete the job. It seems that the jar design or the blade angles may not create the proper circulation to grind all the material efficiently.

Button Panel
Rotor design

The OFF button of the Black & Decker Crush Master blender is the same as the PULSE button. The ICE CRUSH button selects a high speed designed specially for crushing ice. A rocker switch controls the HIGH and LOW speed for six buttons. On LOW speed the six buttons are labeled Fast Clean, Grate, Grind, Beat, Smoothie and Sauce. On HIGH speed the six buttons correspond to Stir, Aerate, Puree, Crumb, Chop and Liquefy.

The base of the blender jar interfaces loosely with the rotor on the motor. The loud noise of this blender may be due to poor contact between the jar and the motor.

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