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Wahl hair clipper Review

My old clipper stopped working, so I started looking for a new one. There are many, many choices. I finally decided to buy the Wahl clipper from Amazon. It was not the cheapest because it was made in the USA, but it was not the most expensive either.

Wahl hair clipper
Wahl clipper and accessories

The Wahl clipper came with a wide array of accessories. I normally use only the 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, and the 3/4-inch hair guides, and I store everything else in a plastic bag in the closet. The Wahl clipper seems sturdy, powerful and cuts hair neatly. I only found two problems.

The electric cord is too short.
The electric cord measures six feet and six inches. This means that you have to work fairly close to a wall electrical outlet or use an extension cord. My previous Vidal Sasoon clipper had an eight-foot cord, and it is amazing what a difference that makes. With the shorter cord, I have to keep adjusting my position to keep from tugging on the chord.

Wahl Clipper teeth
Clipper base plate has very sharp teeth

Clipper base plate has very sharp teeth. The image above shows the 21 teeth of the base plate. They are so sharp that they easily scratch the skin. You can turn most clippers upside-down to trim the sideburns without any problems, but you have to be very careful with the Wahl clippers because it is like putting 21 sharp needles against the skin. I ended up with abrasions on several areas where I used the clippers upside-down.

The base plate protrudes at least 1/16 of an inch beyond the oscillating cutter blade. This leading part of the base plate could be rounded to reduce skin lacerations. Since this portion is not in contact with the oscillating cutter blade, modifications do not affect the performance of the clippers.

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