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Tamburitza The Tamburitza
The tamburitza is a stringed instrument primarily associated with the northern part of Croatia that shares many features with the Russian balalaika, the Ukrainian bandura and the Italian mandolin. The tamburitza became popular in the 1800s, and today it is a traditional feature of Croatian folk music.

The tamburitza has six strings which are played in pairs. The strings are tuned as A, D, and G.  Playing music that covers more than one octave requires a great deal of skill because the fingers must move swiftly up and down along the neck of the instrument. The bridge is not glued to the body, but can be moved to make minor adjustments to the tuning. The resonance of the double strings give the tamburitza a loud voice that can be heard clearly even over the stomping of feet on a dance floor. You can hear the sound of the tamburitza in the following version of the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts" written by Joseph Brackett, Jr. in 1848. These are the lyrics:

'Tis the gift to be simple,
'tis the gift to be free,
'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right.
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gained,
to bow and to bend, we will not be ashamed
To turn, turn, will be our delight,
'Til by turning, turning, we come round right.

Simple Gifts played on a tamburitza
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Guitar The Guitar
The classical guitar developed in Spain during the 15th century from the vihuela which was a small four- or five-string guitar. By adding a sixth string, the guitar gained a range comparable to the lute, which was a popular string instrument at that time. The guitar's flat back and curved sides make it easier to handle than the bowl-shaped lute. Today, the guitar is an indispensable instrument in such diverse genres as classical music, folk music, jazz, soul music, rock-and-roll, etc.  The popularity of the guitar is due in part to its expressiveness and portability. Electric guitars were introduced in the 1930s. Modern electric guitars have solid bodies and rely on the amplification of the string vibrations through a loudspeaker to produce sound. The electronic signals can be modulated to produce unusual sound effects.

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Australian Didgeridoo
Although the origin of music is not known, the first music probably consisted of whistling, chanting, and rhythmical tapping. Instruments developed with the discovery of the resonant properties of hollow tree trunks, bamboo pipes, and taut strings. The Australian aborigine didgeridoo (also spelled "didgeridu") is believed to be one of the world's oldest musical instruments. The Didgeridoo varies in size from 4 to 7 feet and is basically a gum tree branch hollowed out by termites that is fitted with a beeswax mouthpiece.

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Music is frequently downloaded using peer-to-peer sharing programs such as Napster, Kazaa, iTunes, and Rhapsody. Sharing music has impacted the sales of musical recordings (CDs) to such an extent that the recording industry has taken legal action to enforce copyright laws. Some file sharing systems have gone out of business, while others have adapted by allowing legal downloading of music and songs through paid subscription services.

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