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Yukon Solitaire

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Yukon Solitaire card game

Yukon Solitaire consists of seven card stacks made from one to seven cards, with only the top card turned face up. Instead of placing the remaining 24 cards in a stack which is cycled through, four cards are placed face up on each stack except the leftmost. The objective is to put the entire deck in suit stacks of ascending rank, making stacks of descending rank with alternating colors as an intermediate stage. Any face up card can be placed on a card at the top of a stack which has a different color and a rank one greater than it. If the moved card is not the top card in its stack, all cards above it will be moved along with it.

The seven building stacks are in the middle of the screen, with two suit stacks on each side. If all the face up cards of a stack are removed, the topmost face down card will be turned over.

NOTE: Internet Explorer may block this game because it cannot verify the publisher, but the game works fine in other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.

Thanks to Andrew Pipkin for providing this program.

© Copyright  - Antonio Zamora