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MyPyramid Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire Game:

Pyramid or Canfield Solitaire

Note: Maximize the window of your browser to increase the size of the cards.

Objective: To move as many cards as possible to the foundations.

Layout: One Deck (52 cards). Clicking the deck will play the topmost card onto the waste pile.

One Waste pile, to the right of the deck, filled by clicking the deck. Cards from here may be played onto the Foundations and Tableaux. You may not play any card onto the waste pile.

Four Foundation piles (top right), initially empty. Start building by moving any card to the empty foundation, then follow it by the next card in suit. For example, if you choose a 10, you must follow it by a J, Q, K, A, 2, and so on until 9. Once you have chosen a base card for one Foundation, you have to use the same card as the base card for the other Foundations as well.

Seven Tableau piles, initially dealt 1 face-up card each. Cards can be played onto the tableaux if they are one rank below and of a different color (down in alternate color) than the topmost card of the pile, i.e. if the topmost card is a 10 of Spades, then either 9 of Hearts or 9 of Diamonds can be played on that pile. Groups of cards may be moved between tableaux by drag-and-drop. Double-clicking the topmost card of a tableau pile will send it to the foundation. An empty tableau will be automatically filled from the Reserve pile. If the Reserve pile is empty, you can play any card onto the empty Tableau pile.

One Reserve pile, initially dealt 13 cards face-up. You can only move the topmost card of the Reserve to the Foundations or Tableaux. You cannot play any card onto the Reserve pile.

Tips: Try to empty the Reserve pile as fast as possible, even if it means moving a card fron the Foundation to the Tableaux. Choose the Foundation base card carefully after looking at all the cards in the Reserve Pile

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