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Boost Your Brain Power with Bingo

In order to retain and improve our mental health and brain dexterity, we should all be looking at ways to exercise those little grey cells. We have all tried Sudoku, chess, crosswords and scrabble, and perhaps some of you have even had a go with one of those brain training programs. However, not many people have thought of good old bingo as a way to exercise their brain.

It is not only real life bingo halls but online bingo that can prove an excellent way to keep the brain fit and active. Bingo is highly beneficial to exercising the grey matter, whether this means focusing on the computer screen or on a real life bingo game. In either case, your brain receives lots of stimulation in the number crunching, reflexes and concentration centers.

If you are looking for ways to exercise the brain, then bingo is certainly a great activity to try. There have been quite a few experiments with senior citizens which discovered that those who regularly played bingo, whether in land-based halls or online, had reaction times and reflexes that were much faster than those who didn't play bingo.

Not only did these people have better brain function for speed of reactions, they also had increased levels of mental speed, better concentration and memory, as well as a superior ability to interpret signals from the environment around them.

For older people, studies have shown that as long as they continue to play regular bingo, mental capacity can not only be retained with any deterioration delayed, but it can actually be improved. Concentrating on the numbers being called by the bingo caller helps to improve memory; keeping track of different gaming cards during one game also exercises the brain's compartmentalizing areas and improves the way in which it arranges tasks.

Different bingo games require different brain skills. The patterns that players look for in some bingo games, such as in 75 ball bingo, work the brain as it has to keep track of horizontal, vertical and diagonal alignments of numbers. Spatial awareness is greatly improved by such a task.

However, bingo is certainly not only attractive and beneficial to the older generation. Bingo has reached new levels of popularity with young people in recent years, especially with the huge number of online bingo sites opening every year.

Bingo not only stimulates the mathematical brain center and improves general mental capacity, it also works on the language centers of the brain and the social intelligence areas due to the interactive nature of playing bingo. Bingo is a very sociable game and many people strike up great friendships over the bingo tables, whether they are playing in a bingo hall or chatting to fellow gamers in an online bingo room.

Although bingo is great for exercising the brain and improving the memory, it isn't just your mental health that gets a workout from a session at the bingo tables. Playing bingo takes your mind off other areas of life as you concentrate on the game, distracting you and relieving stress. This is excellent news for the immune system, the blood pressure and the heart.

Many people think that sitting down either in a bingo hall or at a computer screen would be bad for your health, or at least not beneficial, as it involves no physical exercise. However, the game of bingo is far from a passive activity. Bingo is a great way to improve mental and physical health and have fun at the same time!

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