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Basic English Sentence Structures

Interrogative Sentences

Interrogative sentences are used to form questions. One form of an interrogative sentence is a declarative sentence followed by a question mark. In verbal communication, the final syllable of the last word of a question is pronounced with a rising pitch or intonation.

Place the cursor over the pictures to hear the difference in intonation of a statement and a question.

Today     Today?

<Interrogative Sentence> =
       <Declarative Sentence>"?"

The computer is not working?
An actor became governor?

"Who" <predicate>"?"

Where the verb of the predicate is in 3rd person form.
Who fixed the computer?
Who wants to drink water?

("What" |"Which") [<adverb>* <adjective>] <noun>

Which flower is the prettiest?
What bridge goes to Manhattan?

["What" |"When" |"Where" |"Who" |"To whom" |"Why"]
              ("do" |"does" |"don't" |"doesn't" |"did" |"didn't")
              <subject> <predicate>"?"

The verb of the predicate must be infinitive (Vinf).
Where does John live?
Does John go to Manhattan?

"Which" [<noun phrase>]
              ("do" |"does" |"don't" |"doesn't" |"did" |"didn't")
              <subject> <predicate>"?"

The verb of the predicate must be infinitive (Vinf).
Which flower do you like best?
Which didn't Mary take home?

["What" |"Which" |"When" |"Where" |"Who" |"To whom" |"Why"]
             ("will" |"won't") <subject> <predicate>"?"

The verb in the predicate must must follow these patterns:
       "have" <Vpastp>
       "have" "been" <Ving>
       "be" <Ving>

What will John take to Manhattan?
When will he return?
Will John be thinking about Mary?
Why will John cry?

["What" |"Which" |"When" |"Where" |"Who" |"To whom" | "Why"]
             ("has" |"have" |"hasn't" |"haven't")
             <subject> <predicate>"?"

Verb in the predicate must be past participle <Vpastp>
Why haven't the tulips flowered?
To whom has John sent a letter?
What has Mary told John?
Hasn't John passed the test?

["What" |"Which" |"When" |"Where" |"Who" |"To whom" | "Why"]
             ("are" |"is" |"was" |"were" |
             "aren't" |"isn't" |"wasn't" |"weren't")
             [<adverb>* <adjective> | <prep phr>* | <predicate>]"?"

Verb in the predicate must be present participle <Ving> or past participle <Vpastp>
Why is Mary cooking noodles?
Which are the best?
Are small airplanes safe?
Was John at Mary's party?

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