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Basic English Sentence Structures

Declarative Sentences

Declarative Sentences are used to form statements. Declarative sentences consist of a subject and a predicate. The subject may be a simple subject or a compound subject. A simple subject consists of a noun phrase or a nominative personal pronoun. Compound subjects are formed by combining several simple subjects with conjunctions. All the sentences in this paragraph are declarative sentences.

<Declarative Sentence> = <subject> <predicate>
Learn to construct Declarative Sentences:
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Interactive Worksheet.
My name is Mary.
  <subject> = "My name"
  <predicate> = "is Mary"

Declarative Sentences are used to form statements.
  <subject> = "Declarative Sentences"
  <predicate> = "are used to form statements"

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins 
Example of a Declarative Sentence

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