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Welcome to EyeWonder

If you are thinking "I wonder what I am doing here?" Don't despair. You have accidentally landed on one of the best web sites on the Internet.

Click on the Illusions tab for some amazing optical illusions.

derived from A. Kitaoka 

Trademarks of EyeWonder and AdBrite is a media company that offers advertisers the latest video and rich media formats. AdBrite is an advertisement exchange company that provides a marketplace for advertisers and web publishers. AdBrite works with EyeWonder to supply the ad technology.

The ads have the following implementation instructions for the eyeWONDER HTML page:

  1. Create a folder in the root of the domain called "eyewonder"
  2. Copy a snippet of JavaScript into an 'interim' file.
  3. Name the interim file as follows: http://www.{website}.com/eyewonder/interim.html
  4. Repeat this process for each domain and sub-domain where you will be serving AdBrite Rich Media Ads.

Now you know. You don't have to wonder.

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