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English Test

You will get a different set of questions each time that you run this test.

How many errors does the following sentence have?
"Their are four misteaks in this sentence."

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four

The word "SINCERE"

1. Is derived from the Latin expression meaning "without wax".
2. Is a synonym of "erudite".
3. Refers to a person having "zero sins"
4. None of the above.

Select the word most appropriate to complete the sentence:
"The __________ of jet propulsion was discovered long ago."

1. prioritize
2. principle
3. principal
4. propitious

Identify the sentence with the split infinitive.

1. We wanted to understand the situation better.
2. We wanted to better understand the situation.
3. We wanted to understand better the situation.
4. The situation was understood better by us.

The word "GASTROLOGY" is

1. The influence of the stars on humans.
2. A connoisseur of good food.
3. The study of the stomach.
4. The study of gases in the stars.

The word "SYNOPSIS" means

1. Secretion
2. Summary
3. Inflammation of the sinuses
4. Anesthesia

The word "ALLITERATION" is best described as

1. Rhyme
2. Repetition
3. Words having the same initial sound
4. A dietary term meaning "a light ration"

The word "INDOMITABLE" means

1. Perfect
2. Impossible to conquer
3. A table from India
4. A wild horse

Select the correct sentence.

1. Mary is always talk in class.
2. Mary always talking in class.
3. Mary always talks in class.

Select the correct sentence.

1. They would've rather went to a concert.
2. They would of rather gone to a concert.
3. They would have rather went to a concert.
4. They would have rather gone to a concert.

The word "HOLLOW" is best described as

1. Complete
2. Void
3. Sacred
4. A greeting

The word "BIMONTHLY" means

1. Every two months.
2. Twice a month.
3. Semimonthly.
4. Every two weeks.

Select the item that is different from the rest:

1. Machete
2. Knife
3. Scalpel
4. Spatula
5. Cleaver

What is the correct hyphenation for the word "EQUILIBRIUM"?

1. e-qui-li-brium
2. equi-li-bri-um
3. e-qui-lib-ri-um
4. eq-ui-lib-rium

The words "ENSURE" and "INSURE"

1. Can be used interchangeably.
2. Both mean "to cover with insurance".
3. Both mean "to make certain"
4. Have opposite meanings.

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